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Rolex Explorer II Replica

Three beautiful watches by Rolex Explorer II Replica are a testament to the Maison's expertise in French lacquer. The three watches are unified by a single theme - Cheval d'Orient – which French for "Oriental Horse" - This theme is a popular one by Rolex Explorer II Replica. It draws inspiration from Persian miniatures, and displays motifs that depict equestrian scenes from yesteryears. Limited edition of 24 watches are available with intricate and beautiful motifs of horses on their dials.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches They are also made from white gold and have the self-winding mechanical caliber, H1837. Only hours and minutes are supported functions.

The Oriental HorseThe Cheval d'Orient collection has motifs that can be seen on a variety of Rolex Explorer II Replica products. This series is inspired by ancient Persian miniatures and depicts horses that are often covered with colorful saddle rugs. The overall styling is romantic and evokes the old times of olden silk caravans. Three stunning timekeepers were created using the Cheval d'Orient equestrian motifs. Rolex Explorer II Replica artisans used French Lacquering and Miniaturization to create three stunning types of dials that depicted horses.

It is time-consuming and demanding. But there's a catch. This technique uses bamboo wood as its base. The dials are made with a metal background and require several modifications. A brush with a fine tip is used by a Rolex Explorer II Replica's artist to create these beautiful scenes. This brush is used to apply lacquer pigments that are mixed with varnish based upon copal.

The creation of a dark background to display the equestrian theme is the first stage of dial making. The maison's artisans applied more than 30 different black paints to create a perfect setting.Best Replica Watches The necessary drying time between each coating takes about three days. This means that it takes three months to make the background for the dial.