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Rolex Explorer Replica

Rolex Explorer Replicat used red stromatolite to make the dial of the new tourbillon white-gold watch. This rare material is extremely valuable and makes it a unique timepiece. Stomatolites, limestone structures that date back to 3.5 billion years, are known as the oldest fossils on Earth. Those in red are especially rare and Rolex Explorer Replicat's Red Stromatolite watch is even more remarkable.

The Greek words STROMA, which means carpet, and LITHOS, which means stone, gave rise to the name of Stromatolites. These fossils could have been the only living forms up to 550 million years ago.Rolex Replica Watches They dominated marine life between 3500 and 500 millions years ago. Their presence helped develop new forms of life before more complex organisms made them disappear in the Precambrian.

They are very rare today and only a few places on the globe still have them. Rolex Explorer Replicat's watch uses pieces of red stromatolites from Western Australia. They are made from cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green alga). Iron oxide gives them their red color. Daniel Haas was the specialist in rare and precious stone selection and cutting. He took on the delicate task of cutting out the best parts of the fossil. He spent many hours manually cutting and polishing the ultra-thin fossil pieces, until the stone was fitted into a brass base. This required great skill and precision.

The exclusive hand-winding tourbillon movement of CaseRolex Explorer Replicat Red Stratolite watches is high-end mechanical and luxurious. It is displayed on both the dial and case sides.Replica Breitling Chronomat 01 On the dial side you will see a tourbillon cage, main spring and highly polished and hand-bevelled vertical cross. This magnificent mechanism has 19 jewels and a remarkable power reserve of 72 hours. The oscillation frequency is 21,600 vibrations an hour. The tourbillon cage rotates one minute. Cotes du Jura engraving is included with the plate.

The robust case is made up of 50 pieces and comes in 18-karat white gold. It measures 47mm in diameter. The case-back is secured by four screws and inscribed with the individual number as well as the inscription "Piece Unique". The central portion is covered with sapphire crystal and anti-reflective treatment. An 18-karat white gold folded clasp in Louisiana alligator leather matches the color of the red stamolite dial, which displays the hour and minute functions.

In collaboration with Daniel Haas, Rolex Explorer Replicat created a red-gold version of the Red Stromatolite watch earlier this year. This was a one-of-a kind Vertalis Australian Opal watch made from a stunning crystal opal and a sparkling reflection. The dial is also made of Vertalis Biggs Jasper.